The Stimulus Act of BTE 231-Extra Credit

The Stimulus Act of BTE 231-Extra Credit - Jamie Riedford...

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Jamie Riedford BTE 231 October 20, 2010 Eviction Hearings The period for which a lease will run for each tenant is considered the term of the lease. The starting and ending dates of the contract, or lease, are clearly stated from the beginning. The leases in the described eviction hearings were all leasehold estates from period to period, meaning the tenant chooses the indefinite amount of time they want to lease the property. A lessor may restrict a lessee’s use of the property through provisions included in the original agreement of the lease. The described cases are all results of a breach of contract, which terminates the lease. Several of the cases will meet again to discuss money judgments, but the hearings we witnessed were strictly concerning evictions. After Elisa Falvo and I sat in on the hearings of five eviction cases on Wednesday, October 13 th at the Oxford Courthouse, we have a much better understanding of property management and investment. In the first eviction hearing we witnessed, the plaintiff was the landlord of the Sigma Chi fraternity house, Kyle Judy, and the defendant was Brandyn Norman, a member of Sigma Chi. The issue in this hearing was Brandyn Norman’s eviction from the Sigma Chi house, with the cause of action being property damage. The plaintiff argued his case explaining that property damage is a Breach of Contract, which therefore results in eviction. The landlord also presented the court with information unrelated to the case, accusing Brandyn of being a threat to society for his possession of a firearm. The plaintiff continued his argument with accusations that
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Brandyn was not paying his rent and that he is no longer a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. The defendant presented an incredibly strong case against the plaintiff. It was obvious to everyone that the defendant’s legal counsel, Wayne Stanton, did more than enough extensive research for this hearing. The defense argued that fraternities are vandalized everyday by many members of its house. They point out that there is no
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The Stimulus Act of BTE 231-Extra Credit - Jamie Riedford...

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