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Jamie Riedford September 17, 2010/ Week 4 Questioning the Media: Chapter 9 p. 348 #6: Discuss whether your favorite magazines define you primarily as a consumer or as a citizen. Do you think magazines have a responsibility to educate their readers as both? What can they do to promote responsible citizenship? My favorite magazines would most likely define me, along with other readers, as a consumer. The whole objective of the magazine is to print the most appropriate material that will target their intended audience. You buy the magazine because it attracts you, not because you’re a citizen and are required to buy it. Personally, my favorite magazines publish articles on categories such as fashion, celebrities, hair and makeup. People buy these magazines because they enjoy reading about these topics, and are willing to spend their money in order to view this information. I believe that magazines are only responsible for educating people as consumers.
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Unformatted text preview: Since they are paying for the magazine, in which they become the consumer, the magazine is expected to educate them with the desired material and information. Although some magazines might include political or economical information that can educate their readers as a citizen, I do not believe that it is their responsibility. In order to promote responsible citizenship, magazines can include stories that encourage readers to act accountable as citizens of our country. Representing where you’re from is extremely important, and acting ethically and responsibly reflects positively on your country. Learning how much magazines have changed over time was incredibly interesting to read. Magazines, along with many other sources of information, have the ability to change and develop even more in the future. I am eager to see how they will transform and grow, whether on paper or through alternate forms of communication....
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