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Stop The Presses - The Internet has taken away from newspapers; advertisements o Newspapers used to make 20% profits - Advertising is what keeps a newspaper going; most important thing o People cut stories and wrap stories around advertisements, but they never cut the advertisements - Employment advertising is down 20% in newspapers - Newspapers getting rid of the journalists in order to down-size - Don’t mention doctors and lawyers in The Constitution, but they mention the press and freedom of the press - Journalists write stories to make a change for people o They put in a lot of time to research and prepare stories - Paid circulation for newspaper has been declining for decades now - Publicly traded newspapers have lost 42% of their value, or $23 billion since 2004 - Turning out to be bad investments (making only 10/15/20 cents to a dollar) - Wall street analysts decide whether or not they’re doing a good job, even if their
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Unformatted text preview: margins look good-Put the newspapers on the web, instead of using web tools to reinvent a better newspaper on the Internet-Most people are reading newspaper journals than ever before o Problem for newspaper companies is how they turn that into profits-Internet is a massive change in the way people interact o Not just changed newspapers or television, it’s changed society-Websites are now hiring reporters to go cover stories just as a paper would-Producing and distributing newspapers is very expensive (lot of $ to cut down trees and have trucks drive all over the place) o Creating a free website is much easier to get information-Companies had to cut out branches of their business, many lost jobs because the paper was forced to cut back-Approximately 1/3 of the under 30 readers had deserted newspapers between the 60’s and 80’s-First newspaper- Public Occurrences in 1690...
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