p33-53 - The Ancient Near East Peoples and Empires 970 BC...

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The Ancient Near East Peoples and Empires 970 BC Solomon is king of Israel o small state in western Asia o Excelled in many ways but military Created strong alliances through trade and thus made a flourishing state However he is known for his wisdom o Story about 2 women claiming to have the same child After his death Israel crumbled How did a small nation survive so long as it did surrounded by mighty empires? o Due to a power vacuum after the defeat of the Hittites in 1200 BC, petty patchwork of city states emerged, especially in Syria and Canaan One of these small states—Israel played a small role in governing politics but was one of the basic pillars of Western Civilization. The small states did not last forever, Between 1000 and 500 BC the Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Persians all created empires that encompassed most or all of the ancient Near east o Each brought peace and order, new administrative techniques, but also fell to other conquerors Ultimately the civilization of the Hebrews had a lasting impact on the West o Ideas are more powerful than military might Hebrews were Semitic-speaking people who wrote their story in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) o Abraham migrated from Mesopotamia to the land of Canaan o Then Egypt until led out of enslavement by Moses (Exodus) in 13 Century BC o Organized in 12 tribes they became embroiled in conflict with Philistines Is debated over the historical accuracy over the Old Testament o What is agreed, is from 1200 BC- 1000 BC Israelites became distinct group who established their kingdom United Kingdom
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First king is Saul (1020-1000) Second is David (1000-970), who was a lieutenant of Saul, after Saul was killed by the Philistines o Dave reunites Israelites, defeats the Philistines and gets control over Canaan o Defeats Moabites Quite harsh to conquered people o Made Jerusalem a capital and centralized Israel’s political organization, as
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p33-53 - The Ancient Near East Peoples and Empires 970 BC...

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