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P163-178 Roman Empire Part II Art in the Empire Little contributions since much was done by Greek artists, while adhering to roman desire for realism and attention to details Art in Rome was based heavily in Greek but had some sort of Roman identity They made rectangular structures like the Greeks but now used arches, vaults, domes, o First to use concrete Constructed Roads, aqueducts and bridges Imperial Rome Largest city the Empire had seen and now was 1 million in population by Augustus’ time o Multiple nationalities were present o Due to cosmopolitan nature wagons were banned in the street since it was too noisy to sleep Although Augustus established a police force lone travelers might have been assaulted, robbed, or soaked by filth from high apartment buildings Big gap between rich and poor Due to poor concrete building, buildings often collapse o Not to mention prone to fire since there were wooden beams and heated lamps Famous fire of Rome 64 AD; the one Nero was wrongly blamed for destroyed much of the city o Due to the high rent big families would be in one room o Due to the absence of plumbing and central heating, many Romans spent their time outdoors Rome was also a parasite o Begging with Augustus, emperors often provided everything for urban populace Free grain to 200,000 people
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Entertainment on a grand scale Provided public spectacles, usually religion in origin Over 100 holidays to the people Gladitorial shows Integral part of Roman society 1 st permanent one was constructed in Rome 29 BC The most famous one was the Flavian Amphitheater—the Colosseum o constructed in Rome under Vespasian and his son Titus to seat 50,000 spectators
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p163-178 - P163-178 Roman Empire Part II Art in the Empire...

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