P229-243 - P229-243 Vassalage-warriors swore an oath of...

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Unformatted text preview: P229-243 Vassalage-warriors swore an oath of loyalty to their leader, they fought for their chief and he in turn took care of their needs o By 8 th century an individual who served a lord in a military capacity was know as this With the breakdown of govt powerful nobles took control of large areas of land and needed muscle so they gave them grants of land to vassals in return for them fighting for their lord o Land was a measure of wealth o Loyalty to ones lord was now seen as a chief virtue Now soldiers fought on large horses with stirrups while wearing armored coats of mail wielding long lances o Became known as knights who dominated armored cavalry for 500 yrs Of course all the equipment was expensive and the granted land was even more necessary in order to support the vassals family and training. The land granted to a vassal was known as a fief o Eventually vassals began to exercise rights of political and legal authority As more of the Carolingian world dissolved more invasions took place more powerful lords arose and many people were now responsible for keeping order Lords constructed castles and asserted their authority to the local population o A lack of effective central control led to even larger numbers of castles and castellans Fiefdoms became more complicated as subinfeudation developed o Vassals had vassals ect (king, greater lords, lesser lords, simple knights at the bottom) o was an honorable relationship and not servitude...
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P229-243 - P229-243 Vassalage-warriors swore an oath of...

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