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P376-392 - P376-392 During second half of 15th century the...

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P376-392 During second half of 15 th century the new classical learning that was part of Italian renaissance humanism spread to northern Europe and spawned a movement called Christian or Northern Renaissance humanism which sought to reform Christianity Erasmus printed his Handbook of Xn Knight o Emphasized inner piety and de-emphasized rituals and external forms o Laid the egg that Luther hatched Later disapproved of Luther since Erasmus wanted to keep the unity of the Church and reform it Thomas Moore wrote Utopia where communal ownership replaced private property and were free to lead wholesome and enriching lives Pluralism-high church officials took over more than one church office o They ignored their duties and hired people who were underqualified What must I do to be saved? Was the question asked in the Protestant Reformation Indulgence controversy-they would pay for their sins, literally o Angered by this, Luther gives the 95 theses 1517 October 31 o
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  • Fall '11
  • ChristopherProbst
  • Protestant Reformation, italian renaissance humanism, northern renaissance humanism, original Xn communities, new classical learning

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