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GIHIS CN Test Study GuideLOYET

GIHIS CN Test Study GuideLOYET - Tony Loyet Block 3 The...

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Tony Loyet Block 3 The following questions will serve as a review for the test: What were the circumstances surrounding the creation of the atomic bomb? o World War II was coming to an end but a fight for influence of the world was just beginning Not all fighting was over and the US were the first to make the bomb which would set the precedence for the next few generations What were Truman’s options in ending the war with Japan in 1945? o Japan would resist until the end and the US leaders knew this He could invade and lose many lives (100,000 plus) and it would cost a great deal financially He could drop the bomb and kill many innocent lives while saving American lives He could blockade the island What were the priorities for Truman as he decided the proper use of the atomic bomb and options for ending World War II? He tried to make sure that the smallest number of Americans were harmed during the fighting with Japan. He also needed to please the Americans so he had to think through the dropping of the atomic bomb. It would also set the stage for mass destruction capabilities and the entire world would be watching How did the Potsdam Conference in July of 1945 affect Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb? o Churchill and Truman decide to tell Stalin that they have the capabilities of atomic warfare so that he is scared into messing with them in this fight for world influence o Truman’s diary read that he was going to use the bomb on military targets in Japan (written shortly after Potsdam) What was the reaction of members of the scientific community in regards to the atomic bomb? o They knew the destruction capabilities of the bomb and advised the president of how it worked and what exactly might happen. They also warned the president that other countries were starting to stockpile the necessary means to create their own nuclear weapons and that it may be a good idea to use it What did they request of Truman? o They requested that he think about the consequences of either action (dropping or not dropping the bomb) before he made any decision. They requested he look into other countries who were trying to create bombs also What were the goals of the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War? o To gain influence in war torn parts of the world who were recovering and rebuilding their political and physical makeup after WWII What was the first theater in the Cold War? o How was Poland a central conflict in the Cold War? o Why did Truman take a “hard-line” with the Soviet Union after World War II? Armon GIHIS CN Test Study Guide 1
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o He knew the Soviets were serious about implementing Communism in vulnerable parts of the world so he needed to counter with capitalism How did the sole ownership of the atomic bomb affect American attitudes about the Cold War at its beginning?
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GIHIS CN Test Study GuideLOYET - Tony Loyet Block 3 The...

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