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Global Issues GIHIS CN – Containment and the Cold War Unit Test Study Guide The unit test for Containment and the Cold War will be worth 100 Test points. The test will consist of the following: 15 short answer questions worth 3 points each 2 identifications worth 12 points each 1 essay worth 25 points 1 map worth 6 points The following questions will serve as a review for the test: What were the circumstances surrounding the creation of the atomic bomb? o The War of Influence was just about to begin o Japan had to give unconditional surrender in order for WWII to end What were Truman’s options in ending the war with Japan in 1945? o Blockade o Invade o Drop the Bomb What were the priorities for Truman has he decided the proper use of the atomic bomb and options for ending World War II? o Smallest number of American lives destroyed o Needed to keep US influence in Japan o He also needed to please the Americans so he had to think through the dropping of the atomic bomb. o It would also set the stage for mass destruction capabilities and the entire world would be watching How did the Potsdam Conference in July of 1945 affect Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb? Armon GIHIS CN Test Study Guide 1
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o Churchill and Truman tell Stalin to back off (in influence) because they have the bomb o Enforced it since they all agreed on an unconditional surrender of Japan What was the reaction of members of the scientific community in regards to the atomic bomb? What did they request of Truman? o They knew the destruction capabilities of the bomb and advised the president to use it only if necessary and after he warned Japan. o They also warned the president that other countries were starting to stockpile the necessary means to create their own nuclear weapons and that it may be a good idea to use it What were the goals of the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War? o Influcence in war torn areas of the world after WWII What was the first theater in the Cold War? o East Germany How was Poland a central conflict in the Cold War? o Both a geographical and resourceful area to both superpowers. Why did Truman take a “hard-line” with the Soviet Union after World War II? o He takes this because of money, Russia doesn’t have the bomb; he has support of Churchill and American people; as well as the spread of Democracy o “Push for the full 100% but don’t accept >85%” How did the sole ownership of the atomic bomb affect American attitudes about the Cold War at its beginning? o Gives them immense power; it becomes their trump card What did the Allies decide to do with Germany after World War II? How did Germany become a player in the Cold War? o
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GIHIS_CN_Test_Study_Guide - Global Issues GIHIS CN...

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