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Global Issues GIHIS DV – Détente and Vietnam Unit Test Study Guide Below are questions to prepare for the GIHIS DV unit test. The test will consist of 15 short answer questions, 2 identification questions, an essay, and the South American map. In what ways did French colonization create a spirit of nationalism in Vietnam during the 19 th Century? o They colonized Indochina and it gave rise to vigorous nationalism in Vietnam Who was Ho Chi Minh? In what ways did his early life and education prepare him for his future role as Vietnamese nationalist leader and leader of the Vietnamese communist party? o 1 st president of Vietnam on September 2 nd , 1945. He spent his young adult life in Europe and had a thought process that was consistent with Leninism. At age 33, influenced by the Soviet Union, he became a Communist which carried over to his leadership in Vietnam and sparked the American interest in intervening in VN. o He goes off to France, learned the ways of the west. (Leadership) o Asks French to release Vietnam. o French refuse Ho Chi Minh moves to the soviets How did World War II affect France’s hold on Vietnam? o Weakened their hold on Indochina and eventually in 1945, what was known as the August Revolution took place where French control was ended and Vietnam was created. What was the August Revolution? What was the Democratic Republic of Vietnam? o French lost their control on Indochina and Vietnam was created. Then, the DRV was formed as an Independence League. Ho Chi Minh’s army kicked the French out. Why was the US willing to allow France to reestablish colonial control over Vietnam after World War II? In what ways did the US aid France in this endeavor? o The DRV wanted American aid to defend itself from France but we needed to stay allies with France because of the turmoil in Europe so we backed them with supplies. Who were the Viet Minh? o Ho Chi Minh’s army that created the DRV and took control of VN in 1945. How did the battle at Dien Bien Phu affect the peace process between France and the Viet Minh in 1954? o The French got beaten terribly in a fort by the DRV and had to leave VN. o Greatly affected the Geneva settlement What occurred at the Geneva Settlement in 1954? o Divided VN on the 17 th parallel o unification in 1956 o No Alliances o No military equipment What were the situations in North and South Vietnam in the years immediately following the Geneva Settlement of 1954? o North Vietnam Armon GIHIS DV – Unit Test Study Guide 1
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No food, South wouldn’t trade Lost middle class men because of communism Lost Catholics because of communism o South Vietnam Corruption and crime syndicates in Vietnam Diem was a corrupt and ruthless leader Failed to gain support in rural area No understanding of the problems Viet Minh lived in rural areas and refused to move north Time bombs Diem neglected, latter became insurgents that assassinated political figures and protested
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Final_GIHIS_DV_Test_Study_Guide_combo - Global Issues GIHIS...

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