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Ia IIae q. 4 a. 4 Whether rectitude of the will is necessary for happiness? Objection 1. It would seem that rectitude of the will is not necessary for Happiness. For Happiness consists essentially in anoperationoftheintellect,asstatedabove(q.3,a.4).Butrec- titudeofthewill,byreasonofwhichmenaresaidtobecleanof heart,isnotnecessaryfortheperfectoperationoftheintellect: for Augustine says (Retract. i, 4) “I do not approve of what I said in a prayer: O God, Who didst will none but the clean of heart to know the truth. For it can be answered that many who are not clean of heart, know many truths.” erefore rectitude of the will is not necessary for Happiness. Objection 2. Further, what precedes does not depend on what follows. But the operation of the intellect precedes the operation of the will. erefore Happiness, which is the per- fect operation of the intellect, does not depend on rectitude of the will. Objection 3.
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