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Unformatted text preview: Ia IIae q. 63 a. 3 Whether any moral virtues are in us by infusion? Objection 1. It would seem that no virtues besides the the- ological virtues are infused in us by God. Because God does not do by Himself, save perhaps sometimes miraculously, those things that can be done by second causes; for, as Dionysius says (Coel. Hier. iv), it is Gods rule to bring about extremes through the mean. Now intellectual and moral virtues can be caused in us by our acts, as stated above (a. 2). erefore it is not reasonable that they should be caused in us by infusion. Objection 2. Further, much less superuity is found in Gods works than in the works of nature. Now the theologi- cal virtues suce to direct us to supernatural good. erefore there are no other supernatural virtues needing to be caused in us by God. Objection 3. Further, nature does not employ two means where one suces: much less does God. But God sowed the seeds of virtue in our souls, according to a gloss on Heb. 1seeds of virtue in our souls, according to a gloss on Heb....
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