RQ02-Gorgias1 - Reading Questions#2 Plato's Gorgias –...

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Unformatted text preview: Reading Questions #2 Plato's Gorgias – 447a to 466 1. There are five characters in this dialogue. Who are they? 2. We will use the margin numbers (and letters). According to footnote 2, what is the nature of the ‘presentation’ that Gorgias had given? (447a) 3. Why, according to Chaerophon, does Socrates want to go to Callicles' house? What does Socrates hope to learn from Gorgias? Does Socrates have in mind what Polus has in mind when he asks, “Is Socrates eager to hear Gorgias?”? (447b-c) (447b) 4. What, according to Callicles, does Gorgias say he is able and willing to do for everyone who comes inside? (487c-d) 5. Chaerephon poses a question to Polus and Polus answers him with a speech. Recite it. (448c) 6. Does Polus answer Chaerephon’s question? What information does he give about Gorgias? How does this succeed or fail as an answer? What, specifically does Socrates want to know? (448c) 7. At 448d, there is a shift in the main characters of the dialogue. Explain. 8. Socrates wants to find out "who" Gorgias is. To do so, he inquires as to "what" Gorgias does. What does Gorgias "do"? What is his craft? See footnot 6. What might be Gorgias does....
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RQ02-Gorgias1 - Reading Questions#2 Plato's Gorgias –...

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