RQ06-NicEthics1 - Reading Questions #6 Aristotle Nic....

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Unformatted text preview: Reading Questions #6 Aristotle Nic. Ethics Book I, chaps. 1-5 1. In almost all of Aristotle's books, the first line is a summary of the entire book. What is the first line of the Nicomachean Ethics ? What does the first line mean? According to Aristotle, what is the aim of all action? Aristotle begins by speaking about several kinds of ordered, rational (human) activities: ( techne , expert knowledge, knowledge about how to make something, technical skill, craft, art); ( methodos , inquiry, science, the disciplined pursuit of knowledge; and ( praxis , action, deed). (1094a1) Every craft and every line of inquiry, and likewise every action and decision, seems to seek some good; that is why some people were right to describe the good as what everything seeks. Everything has its place and seeks good. To seek good. 2. What does Aristotle mean by an end ( , telos)? A result. 3. Aristotle draws a distinction between two different kinds of ends. Explain. (1094a4) ( We may discuss this in detail at some point in class; it is perhaps the most important distinction in the entire book. ) The products are better than the activities; products are apart from the activities. 4. What are the various different goals or ends that Aristotle lists? Which is more choiceworthy: the end of bridlemaking, horsemanship, generalship? Why? (1094a10-16) A boat from boatmaking, health from medicine. Generalship it is a ruling science and is choiceworthy. 5. Explain Aristotle's argument as to why there must be a best good. (1094a19-22) We all strive for it, there is always a something else. 6. Explain the comparison between archery and the study of ethics and political...
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RQ06-NicEthics1 - Reading Questions #6 Aristotle Nic....

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