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CLASSMATE CRITIQUE FORM Your Name: Jake Smith Person you are responding to: Cole Evans Instructions: For each section, identify something the speaker did well and something the speaker could improve on. Examine the essay for CONTENT . This includes evidence used, the analysis of photo, the focus of the essay, and coverage of main points. Identify at least one good thing and at least two things that could be improved on for the final draft. Your essay covered your main topic, which was proving your social growth throughout your lifetime. You did a good job of giving clear examples and showing your developments over time. There wasn’t a supporting photo, but you can structure it in your essay and reference it in order to strengthen your main points. The overall content of your essay was interesting, and made perfect sense. Perhaps improvements could be made by describing what these changes have meant to you and why (i.e. you are happier and friendlier because of your improving social skills.)
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