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(William) Jake Smith CIS 111 004 January 18, 2012 “Getting to know you” for CIS 111/Spring 2012 Hello!!! My name is William Jacob Smith, but I prefer to go by my middle name, Jake. I don’t know why my parents made it all so confusing, but oh well! I have taken CIS 110; my instructor was Brandi Frisby. She taught over in the “little library” building. I also had a speech class in high school three years ago. I am not a transfer student; I am a freshman from Michigan. My family moved here because my dad got a job, and now I’m a wildcat! My major is currently chemistry, because my parents put me in that category since I had no other ideas before coming to college. However, after my first semester here, which was filled with TOO many science courses, I have decided that is not the path I want to take. I now wish to switch into the college of Gatton. I want to become a Marketing major and do business. I like this idea, because I am very visual and I like coming up with slogans. I say a lot of sort of goofy things sometimes, which might make
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