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Termite Abstract

Termite Abstract - DUE THURSDAY Termites are social complex...

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DUE THURSDAY Termites are social complex insects. They do simple tasks individually, but when they work together as a larger unit they can accomplish intricate feats. For example, in Africa, termites manage build some of the largest structures out of natural waist. They work together much like an organism; everyone has their particular job and does their own work in order to finish a certain task. There are many details about termites that are still not known to scientists, but research is being done in order to reach new conclusions. An experiment was conducted to determine whether or not there was a relationship between termites having an attraction to blue pen ink. The discovery of such a link could help biologists in the future manipulate termites in order to make new discoveries. The proposed hypothesis was that there would be a direct link concerning termites and their magnetism towards pen ink. The independent variable was whether a section of paper had ink on it or not.
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