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DQ Ch.3 - Jake Smith Kevin Real COM 315 001 Jan 18 2012...

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Jake Smith Kevin Real COM 315 001 Jan. 18, 2012 Discussion Questions for Chapter 3 In this chapter what jumped out at me was the importance for effective communication throughout an organizations formal network. For the most part, many problems that occur within any group are due to a breakdown in communication. This chapter discussed some problems and solutions to these break downs. On page 71 it discusses how ironic it is that bureaucracy is stereotyped as so inefficient and difficult to communicate throughout. Yet, that was the exact opposite of its purpose for being created. Then throughout the chapter points are made for and against the current bureaucratic structure. My point of contention: Organizations today do need bureaucracy to succeed, but it needs to be equally balanced with free communication that isn’t swamped with rules and regulations. I compare this idea to the government in my own mind. Simply in the fact that the government is a necessity to running a country and it has many benefits.
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