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Smith 1 William (Jake) Smith UK 101-008 28 September 2011 No-Impact Man Paper (Choice III) In the novel No Impact Man, the author makes it his goal to go an entire year without having any impact on the world’s eco-system. Through his many trials and tribulations he learns the vast importance of living a “no-impact” life, and creative ways to do so. His year is long, difficult, and nothing like any other year he has ever experienced. Though tough, the experience reminds him of the value of life’s little joys such as getting caught in the rain, family time, and a home cooked meal. He learns in the conclusion of his year that in reality, there is no life totally free of environmental impact. The goal of humans, as the main caretakers of the earth and responsibility holders, should be to make a positive impact that balances out any negative impact created rather than avoiding making no impact at all. For instance for every forest that is chopped down or destroyed, another should be planted and cultivated in order to equalize positive effects with negative effects made upon the Earth. After reading and considering the author’s viewpoint, as well as considering all the facts, I concluded that there is no 100% effective way to live without any impact on the environment. In the day and age we live in, the eco- structure of the planet is far to advanced and technology has progressed to such
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No Impact Man paper - Smith 1 William (Jake) Smith Sarah...

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