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Jake Smith UK 101 Sarah Hermsmeier and Emily Sharp Common Ground Experience To me diversity is basically differences. The word diverse makes me think of many colors, ethnicities, racial backgrounds, religions, appearances, races, genders, etc. The list could go on, but basically anything that can describe a person makes them diverse, because everyone in a unique individual. Diversity comes in many forms, and UK is a place that is full of these differences. In order to learn more about our UK 101 classmates we partook in the Common Ground activity. The activity was well done and effective. Everyone took it seriously from my point of view. It created a visual representation of how different or diverse our class is. It also brings attention to the fact that, if a small class of perhaps twenty students is so different, there must be greater diversity throughout all of campus.
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Unformatted text preview: I learned new things about others that I might not have expected or ever guessed. There were basic stereotypes that were somewhat confirmed within class, but nothing negative. Everyone was open to coming forward when something applied to them. There were exceptional cases where individuals had the chance to be dishonest about admitting to something. For the most part, I think everyone was honest. With more time and chances to grow closer and become more comfortable with each other, I believe everyone would be more apt to share and come forward if with information they might be embarrassed about, or fearful of being judged. I liked the activity and thought it was creative. It was original and interesting. I would recommend it to others....
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