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William Jacob Smith COM 314 Molly Reynolds Discussion Topic: Unrequited Love My topic to discuss is unrequited love. The readings discuss all the different emotions and feelings that people experience from unrequited love. Yet, Unrequited love is less intense compared to mutual love. The duration was stated to be three to six months. This makes sense because after such a long period of time without someone expressing similar feelings, or feelings of interest in return, it’s logical for the pursuer to give up. Though everyone’s experience is different and unique in regards to their particular specifics. My own experiences with unrequited love have been when I was younger during middle school and early high school years. Back then it was easy to have crush on someone who didn’t feel the same way in return. There were only two girls, one when I was 8 th grade and one my freshmen year, I would consider to be in the category of unrequited love. They were both older than me, so in the end I suppose it was good that
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