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CIS Group Position Paper - Protect Freedom 1 Running Head:...

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Protect Freedom 1 Running Head: PROTECT THE CITIZEN FREEDOM Protect the Citizen Freedom in the Freedom in the United States David (Luke) Smith University of Kentucky
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Protect Freedom 2 The government has total control and they decide every decision you make. The government guides your life and you a mindless drone follow their orders. That will happen if we the people do not take responsibility and protect our rights. I feel strongly about the freedom of the people. We the people need to hold onto our unalienable rights and the principles that the America was founded upon. I believe my group should take this position because each day in our world the powers at be are diminishing the citizen’s power. As more legislature passes and politicians become more corrupt, the people lose their power over time. If nothing is done to restrict the government’s power then eventually, America will cease to be a democracy. As citizens, it is our job to make our own informed decisions and to practice the rights we have. Many American’s take for granted the many liberties that they enjoy today. Most probably do not realize the power that the people have working together. For example the total national voter turnout in federal elections for 2010 were pathetic.
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CIS Group Position Paper - Protect Freedom 1 Running Head:...

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