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Ignite Final Speach - Jake Smith CIS 110 Brandi Frisby...

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Jake Smith CIS 110 12-5-11 Brandi Frisby Ignite Speech Outline: Jewish Community I Introduction 1. Attention Grabber: Since I have an identical brother many assume that I am exactly like him. That is common, because we are all guilty of stereotyping in one-way or another, but I am an individual regardless of the similarities I hold with someone else. 2. Relevance Link: We are all stereotyped at different times in our lives. A common victim of stereotypes is the Jewish community 3. Credibility: I researched this community and talked with a member of the Jewish faith to get a better insight of the community. 4. Thesis Statement: The Jewish people are a very rare group of individuals. 5. Preview: They share a unique past, belief system, and personal freedom to interpret how they practice their faith. II Body Point #1: 1. Main Point: Some background history: a. The Jewish community is a religious group, a culture, and a family. They have been around for more than 4,000 years. 2. Support: a. According to studies done on Jewish DNA they originated from the ancient Hebrew people of Israel. b. Throughout history they have endured times of adversity that threatened their existence. b.i. The greatest of these and most well known was the Holocaust, when Hitler exterminated 2 out of every 3 Jews, history records that there were approximately 6 million casualties. c. They still struggle with prejudices and racism today, but they are much better protected under the current laws than they were in the past. 3. Transition: Much of the problems they have faced are simply due to the fact that they are unique or different from other communities. Many of their differences stem from their personal beliefs being different from others. Point #2:
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Ignite Final Speach - Jake Smith CIS 110 Brandi Frisby...

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