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Ignite Speech Outline - Jake Smith CIS 110 Brandi Frisby...

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Jake Smith CIS 110 12-5-11 Brandi Frisby Ignite Speech Outline: Jewish Community I Introduction 1. Attention Grabber: Since I have an identical brother many assume that I am exactly like him. That is common, because we are all guilty of stereotyping in one-way or another, but I am an individual regardless of the similarities I hold with someone else. 2. Relevance Link: We are all stereotyped at different times in our lives. A common victim of stereotypes is the Jewish community 3. Credibility: I researched this community and talked with a member of the Jewish faith to get a better insight of the community. 4. Thesis Statement: The Jewish people are a very rare group of individuals that share a unique past, belief system, and personal freedom to interpret how they practice their faith. II Body Point #1: 1. Main Point: Some background history: a. The Jewish community is a religious group, a culture, and a family. They have been around for more than 4,000 years. 2. Support: a. They originated from the ancient Hebrew people of Israel. b. Throughout history they have endured times of adversity that threatened their existence. b.i.
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Ignite Speech Outline - Jake Smith CIS 110 Brandi Frisby...

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