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Smith 1 Jake Smith (William) Dr. Brandi Frisby CIS 110-014 28 September 2011 Self Concept Paper Being that I am eighteen years old, I have had lots time to for my self-concept to develop and change. Self-concept is our self-identity (Baron, Byrne, and Brascobme 2006). Basically it is how we view ourselves. How we view ourselves today may not be how we view ourselves tomorrow. Time changes everything, and our self-concept is always being altered. For instance, on a day when I get an A+ on a test I might view myself as very smart, which boosts my self-esteem and gives me confidence. On the contrary, if I fail a test in the same class the next week, suddenly I feel unintelligent and my self-esteem drops, because I view my intelligence as being insufficient. Given time and circumstances, ones self-concept adapts and changes. My self-concept has been fluctuating my entire life. I have had many different roles that I have played; all affect my self-concept. One in particular that has been drastic in shaping how I view myself has been my role as a positive person. I have always strived to be a positive individual in whatever I am doing. I may not always succeed, but overall, I aim to maintain an optimistic mindset. This has allowed me to keep myself encouraged, as well as encourage others during various times and situations. My entire life I have been raised to be an optimistic Christian. My parents would always encourage me to look for the good in all things, even when there seemed to be
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Smith 2 none. I was taught to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Due to all the instruction and encouragement to stay positive I often let things roll off my shoulders and stayed carefree. In my elementary years, staying positive meant not getting upset when my crayon broke, laughing when I would make a silly mistake in class, or enjoying rolling around in the fresh grass during recess. Life was very simple, and mainly revolved around how I reacted to my individual setting. My positivity was defined by how happy I was. When I wasn’t happy, someone older such as a teacher, or parent would usually inquire as to why, and figure out a solution. I did not have any problems, so for the most part, life was just plane fun! This changed as life progressed and I grew older into a young teenager. Elementary ended for me in the sixth grade. I was then taken from my comfortable, private Christian school and thrown into a foreign world known as the Shelby Public Middle School. Suddenly I was a random new kid in a strange place. Here the teachers didn’t care how much fun
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Self-Concept - Smith 1 Jake Smith (William) Dr. Brandi...

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