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Speech Outline - Jake Smith Brandi Firsby CIS 110 014...

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Jake Smith Brandi Firsby CIS 110 014 10-21-11 Speech Outline Draft #1 I. INTRODUCTION a. Attention Grabber : I hate this class and I don’t want to give this speech! Who else doesn’t want to give their speech? No one does! Just kidding. b. Transition : Though that is how I many of us may feel that is a negative attitude. Being negative is for the most part not attractive and people generally prefer a positive attitude to negativity. c. Relevance Link : At this point in time it is hard for all of us to stay positive. We are all tired and stressed about our midterm grades. School is hard, we have been here for a while and all our teachers are stressing the importance of doing well in on our tests at this point in the semester. Though it is tempting to let the pressure get to us, we have to stay positive. d. Credibility: According to a study done by the Mayo Clinic research has shown the effects of positive thinking and optimism on health. Some suggested benefits include: Increased longevity of life, lower levels of distress and depression, and better psychological and physical well-being. e. Thesis : No one is perfect, and I am no exception, but for the most part, I do my best to be a positive person. f. Preview : My friends, family and others who do not know me see my positivity in many different ways. II. BODY a. Friends a.i. Throughout high school my friends got to see my positivity demonstrated very often. I would always do my best to encourage others whether in school or out. a.ii. When a friend would get a bad test grade and be upset, I would tell them to not worry about it, because stressing will solve nothing. a.iii. In addition, when my friends would make bad choices such get a M.I.P. (minor in possession), rather than chastising them or yelling at them for their slip-ups, I would simply encourage them to try harder to not repeat their mistakes. a.iv.
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Speech Outline - Jake Smith Brandi Firsby CIS 110 014...

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