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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6.013 Electromagnetics and Applications – Quiz 2 Solutions b) Line length D = c τ /2 c) Problem 1. (28/100 points) a) R Th = 100 ohms since there is no “glitch” at t = 2 τ and therefore no reflection at the source when the step returns at 2 τ . Thus R Th is matched to the line. An R and C in parallel at the end of the line produces this response; the C in parallel looks like a short circuit, yielding the zero at t = τ , and the R in parallel prevents the voltage V from returning to the source voltage A = 2 volts. Problem 2. (22/100 points) A certain parallel-plate TEM transmission line is filled with μ o and ε = 9 ε o . a) A 1-GHz signal on this TEM line has λ = 10 cm since λ = v p /f = 1/10 9 μ ε = 0.1[m]. 9 o o 3 ω ωμ ε c b) |V(z)| = V o e - α z . V e jkz = V e j o 9 o ( 1 0 . 0 1 j ) z + = V e j 1 0.01j z + , 1 + 0.01j = ± +
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