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Chaapter 15 Problems to Ponder Answers: Version 9 Chapter 15, SE 3. 1. C 2. PE 3. PL 4. PE 5. E 6. PL Chapter 15, SE 9 1. L 2. P, C 3. C 4. F 5. L 6. P Chapter 15, E 5. The UPS website on solutions provides a variety of case studies on how UPS has solved supply-chain problems for client companies like Fujitsu Technology Solu- tions, Honeywell, Nikon, SGI, TeddyCrafters, Kingsdown, GM, National Semiconductor, Intermec Technologies Corporation, IBM, Welch Allyn, Wrigley, Cisco Systems, and Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network. Chapter 15, E 7. 1. Management accounting 2. Human resources 3. Design 4. Production 5. Legal services
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Supply 7. Distribution 8. Research and development 9. Customer service 10. Information systems 11. Marketing Candidates for outsourcing: Actions 1, 2, 5, and 10 are the most likely candidates because they are support services. The other activities are primary processes. As this is a new company, its efforts are best focused on the activities that make up the value chain. Chapter 15, E12. Financial perspective: 3, 5 Learning and growth perspective: 4, 7 Internal business processes perspective: 1, 6 Customer perspective: 2, 8...
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