Chapter 15 Problems to Ponder Answers

Chapter 15 Problems to Ponder Answers - machines to...

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THE CHANGING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: A MANAGER'S PERSPECTIVE Chapter 15, SE 1. 1. MA 2. FA 3. MA 4. FA 5. FA 6. FA 7. FA 8. MA Chapter 15, SE 5. 1. SS 2. PP 3. SC 4. SS 5. PP 6. SC Chapter 15, SE 6. Primary processes: Research and development $1.40 Design 0.15 Supply 1.10 Production 4.00 Marketing 0.80 Distribution 0.90 Customer service 0.65 Total cost per unit $9.00 Support services: Human resources $1.45 Legal services 0.50 Information systems 0.85 Management accounting 0.20 Total cost per unit $3.00 Chapter 15, SE 8. 1. L 2. P, C 3. C 4. F 5. L 6. P Chapter 15, SE 9. From the information given, it appears that Machines 1 and 3 may not be operat- ing properly because their production rates taper off over the course of the week. Management should request that maintenance checks be done on those
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Unformatted text preview: machines to discover whether machine performance is the cause of the problem. CHAPTER 15 Solutions Chapter 15, E 5. The UPS website on solutions provides a variety of case studies on how UPS has solved supply chain problems for client companies like Fujitsu Technology Solu-tions, Honeywell, Nikon, DaimlerChrysler, SGI, TeddyCrafters, Kingsdown, GM, National Semiconductor, Intermec Technologies Corporation, IBM, Welch Allyn, Wrigley, Cisco Systems, and Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network. Chapter 15, E 9. Financial perspective: 4, 5 Learning and growth perspective: 1, 7 Internal business processes perspective: 2, 6 Customer perspective: 3, 8...
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Chapter 15 Problems to Ponder Answers - machines to...

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