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“no one is poor, for poverty is a mindset”.

“no one is poor, for poverty is a mindset”. - Topic...

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Topic: Argumentative Essay – “no one is poor, for poverty is a mindset”. “Poverty is a mindset! Change the mindset, and you change the condition”. According to the Longman Active Study Dictionary, poverty is an urgent unmet need for more goods (money and material possessions), a sense of belonging, or self-worth. It is the fundamental focus of change in the current mindset that prevents persons from escaping their impoverished conditions. When someone sets their mind on achieving something and bonds determination with that, nothing can stop that person from achieving that goal. However, if someone grow up in a family that survives on ‘hand to mouth’ or they cannot acquire certain goods or services and that person tell themselves that they cannot get what they want because they are poor, that is simply because they condition their mind to think that way. So what can you do to achieve success and overpower poverty mindset? Motivation is a key word that is used daily no matter the status quo you represent; therefore one can motivate themselves to move forward. Life comes with choices so even if an individual is born poor that does not necessarily means they have to remain that way. You have an option of being rich or poor by not limiting yourself to a certain level because as long as you set you mind to accomplish something you can achieve it through hard work and determination. Many people point to the environmental problems that cause poverty, like being born in certain countries or having a poor family. The truth is that poverty is not only an environmental problem, but a spiritual problem. You can teach anyone to be a millionaire as well as you can teach anyone how to get out of poverty but the problem is, can you get the poverty out of that person? One of the reasons why poverty has persisted so long is
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because of the mindset of poverty that pervades so many millions of minds. In order to
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“no one is poor, for poverty is a mindset”. - Topic...

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