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Esteban_Morales - Esteban Morales Website Developer...

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1 Esteban Morales Website Developer / Administrator at ukast-fm.com Arleta, CA Work Experience Summer Intern Urban Science - Long Beach, CA June 2010 to August 2010 Long Beach, CA 2010 Summer Internship July to October - Implemented changes requested by Toyota Team to software generated reports using C# in Visual Studio: Updated and removed data with SQL Server queries, changed images, changed text, updated which vehicle data was reported, combined vehicle sales data, created new reports - Loaded customer data with varying delimiters into databases then formatted data, checked for valid phone numbers and addresses, and removed duplicates using SQL Server queries Education Master of Science in Computer Science California State University 2009 Bachelors of Science in Computer Science University of California - Irvine, CA 2004 to 2008 Skills • Java • C# • JavaScript • X/HTML • XML • CSS • PHP • SQL • C++ Links http://www.ukast-fm.com Additional Information Website Developer / Administrator for UKast-FM.com
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