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Sentence Variation - Sentence Variety Exercise 1 Work with...

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Sentence Variety Exercise 1. Work with only one paragraph at a time, and read only the beginning of each sentence. If a sentence begins in the same way as another, revise for variety; if three begin the same way, then revise two. An example: It’s one thing to be shunned by peers, but to be shunned by members of the staff of the school just for your looks and interests is much more insulting. It was at that very moment I realized that there really isn’t anyone who will treat people on an equal ground, and no matter how hard we try, everyone has their biases. Because of this , I came to realize that I shouldn’t conform and become someone who would be more accepted socially, but rather I would continue being a nerd and I would learn to appreciate those who can communicate and be a friend despite my hobbies, looks, and interests. It was then when I started to play a more of a leade r’s role in our group.
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