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Psych Exam Study Guide - Research Podcast 1. What are the...

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Research Podcast 1. What are the four experimental methods and what do each of them do? a. Case studies- Look at a series of cases and conclude something based on a series of common observations. b. Naturalistic Observation- Ethology researchers study animal behavior by going into the animal’s environment. If they observe something to be true in both the lab and the animal’s original environment than there is ecological validity. c. Surveys- A systematic and controlled way of concluding something. d. Correlational Methods- Quantity degree to which two variable are related to one another. 2. What are the limits of correlational methods? a. They can not tell us the cause of the correlation 3. At what point are the results of an experiment considered mere chance? a. When less than 5 out of 100 meet the criteria expected 4. Why can’t we predict causation from correlation a. The directionality problem- How do you know that A causes B and not the other way around? b. The third variable problem- Maybe there is a third variable C, that causes both A and B 5. What is the biogenic amine theory of depression? a. Says that low levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine cause depression. 6. What is the Rush study? a. Experimenters put an ad in the Philly newspaper asking for volunteers on the study of depression. The incentive being a treatment for their depression. They then screened people to ensure that they met the criteria of the experiment. 7. What kinds of treatment options were there? a.
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Psych Exam Study Guide - Research Podcast 1. What are the...

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