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Mid Term Study Help Intercultural Communication Directions: Bring a No. 2 pencil, a thin green scantron (form-882), and a full page green or blue booklet. Multiple Choice Portion : You will have 30 multiple choice questions worth two points each for a total of 60 points. Below is a typical Snodgrass-type question: Practice : Paul had a business meeting with a few associates from his company’s office in Finland. When he got to the meeting he explained that all of the paper work was ready because “on the way here I stopped off at the bank and there was a Kinko’s in the same center so I was able to kill two birds with one stone.” The translator passes this message on and the Finish colleagues become very concerned about dealing with someone who kills small animals in parking lots. This is an example of which of the following translation problems? a. Assuming difference instead of similarity b. Idiomatic equivalence c. Conceptual equivalence d. Different interpretation of paralanguage
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