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Short Answers Path of radio during the Depression - Before Depression, things were booming and people were in a desperate pursuit of pleasure - Created a unified family; became a common unifying experience - Created the idea that the U.S. was one big family who was going to get through the Depression together - Created a culture of consumerism o Buying things became the mark of being an American, kept money circulating o Created a promotional culture o Culture that says we should buy, spend, and consume - Germany used radio to create ‘the volk’; creation of Aryan race - England used radio to go back to their traditions and glory before WWI Radio Traitors - Lord Haw-Haw o Broadcast from Germany as a Lord; represented weak, sickly of England o Said that the true enemies of England and Germany are same people o Said that the workers could save everyone: trying to ignite a revolt from the bottom up o Alcoholic, radio actor, strange ‘radio traitor’, assumed role o Appeal to intellect - Ezra Pound o English poet, nutty; believed future of world belonged to strong men like Hitler and Mussolini because of the previous stock market crash and Depression o Believer of the great man syndrome: great men to save us and punish enemies o Became a radio propagandist for Mussolini regime o Appeal to intellect - Axis Sally o Message: while you’re over here fighting, your women are at home sleeping with other men; represented European adult sexuality o Tried to create sense in American soldiers that they should go back home o Powerful, personal message, hits emotions o Assume role of ‘sexy grown-up women’ - Tokyo Rose o Japanese side propagandist o ‘Submissive little girl’ who would welcome the Americans with open arms if they just laid down their rifles and stopped attacking imperial Japan o Appropriate for the time because Americans saw Japan as ‘small’ and saw Tokyo Rose that way too Need for domination o Appeal to emotions Exploitative Shows - Shows like Queen for a Day and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition use people’s bad situation to create a show o Use the misery of people for entertainment
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o Housewives would say why they deserved to be Queen for a day and they were usually Radio Active Housewife - Radio could follow the housewife around the house while she did her chores, which TV couldn’t yet do - With introduction of TV, networks had a lot invested in radio and were not going to quietly lose their audience - Advertising campaign created targeting to reach those people that wanted to reach the housewives - Radioactive housewife was created by radio after WWII and in response to the creation and popularity of TV Network to Format Radio - Change began after WWII with the introduction of TV - In order for radio to survive, it had to change itself/reinvent itself - Caused it to move away from its broadcast model of business
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Final - Short Answers Path of radio during the Depression -...

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