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Motifs - Sensation Quotient: objective way of looking at any media product or form to see how much of the content directly appeals to the emotions or senses o Objective way of looking at media forms and products o Not a value judgment; not necessarily “good” or “bad”, just the way it is o Sexual quotient, violence quotient, spectacle quotient, ugly/gross quotient - Does the media make us more like children? o Instant gratification: whatever you want, you get right away - Unmassed media o Mass media has become unmassed media; has divided itself up into a bunch of small media o Split itself up to target all kinds of audiences Continues to split itself up; targets a more narrow audience - Does the media unite or divide us? o Does it provide communal experiences? o In a certain sense, it does divide us Many of us have more than three tv’s in our homes because we each like different things o In a microcosmic way, we are united o No one answer; just a situation we need to be aware of o Unites us by giving us content that anybody can access by divides us into people who have access and to those who do not - Medialand: place we go when we access and enjoy the media; state of mind o Exists in all kinds of different places: tv, movie o What happens in medialand: Anything is possible Time stops - Big vs. small (niche?) o Whenever there is a force, there is always a counterforce o Large move towards bigness in the media but there is also a counterforce towards smallness (niche markets) Sometimes niche markets can grow very powerful (ex: Food Network, ESPN no one thought either station would be very big) - Cross-promotion: using lots of different media to create convergence o Using lots of different media to create a brand and brand awareness o If they own enough media, they can create a monster brand o Aware that they can make more money by using cross-promotion so well to reach cross-marketing heaven - Cross-marketing: selling goods beyond the core business of the brand - Brand-making machine vs. social responsibility o Media was initially used as an educational and informative tool o Things that happened in history changed the media’s role to entertainment o The media’s original role hasn’t completely gone away o Media’s main job has become to amuse and entertain us
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Movies - Movies grew from small beginnings to becoming a major industry (parallel to radio) - Etienne Jules Marey and Eadweard Muybridge perfectedthe first motion picture camera - William K.L. Dickson perforated edges of the film and put it in a box o Kinetescope: could be view by one person at a time Early form of movies before the Lumiere brothers got involved - Lumiere brothers (Auguste and Louis): invented the projector (1898) - Thomas Edison organized first American motion picture premiere with improved camera
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com151 final - Motifs Sensation Quotient objective way of...

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