bio final exam review

bio final exam review - Where did the waste products come...

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Final exam review 50-65 question Office house Monday-Thursday 10-12 Several ordering question the system pictures You don’t need to know the notes about the vitems and minerals graph. No need to study about the smoking stuff. Know the 2 hormones (EPO and ADH) Chapters 43,31,32,33,34,35 Chapter 43 o Know plant tissues o types marry stems what they become where are they o Tricone o Xylem/phloem sap o Movement of water/sugars in plants o Wood (what portion of it is from the plant) o What do rings represent in wood? Chapters 31 o Know cells=>tissue Chapter 32 o Circulatory system path o Hemoglobin o What binds to the hem groups How it gets to your blood stream How does the blood get to your blood? How diffusion works here
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Unformatted text preview: Where did the waste products come from? • ATP reaction o How circulatory system reacts with the respiratory system Where is it the site o How circulator system reacts with digestive system Villi (capillaries) • Chapter 35 o Urinary system and the circulatory system interaction Nephrons and capillaries o Waste products How do you get rid of them? How does Ammonia change so you can get rid of it? • Cumulative portion of the final o 5% of it is cumulative o 3 domains of life o Which I pro/eugreate o Know your genus name o Main characteristics of eurea and prokera o T/f Most bacteria cause illness (false)...
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bio final exam review - Where did the waste products come...

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