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Bio quiz 3 1. If a strand of DNA has the nitrogen base sequence 5'-ATTTGC-3', what will be the sequence of the matching strand? a. 3’TAAACG-5’ 2. If a DNA double helix is 100 nucleotide pairs long and contains 25 adenine bases, how many guanine bases does it contain? a. 25 3. The two strands of a DNA double helix are held together by _____ that form between pairs of nitrogenous bases. a. Hydrogen bonds 4. A nucleotide is composed of a(n) _____. a. phosphate group, a nitrogen-containing base, and a five- carbon sugar 5. Where is DNA found in cells? (3.6) a. In the chromosomes 6. A patient has an infection of Streptococcus bacteria. She takes azithromycin, which kills off 99% of a bacterial population. All surviving bacteria are resistant to azithromycin. What has occurred in this bacterial population? (15.2) a. Natural selection 7. Although diarrhea and vomiting help expel invading pathogenic bacteria, they have an adverse effect. What is it? a. They deplete the body's water supply.
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