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Bio quiz 8 1. Which of these processes is responsible for leaves being considered sugar sources? Photosynthesis 2. _____ transport(s) sugars from leaves to, for example, taproots. Pholem 3. Sugar moves from leaves into the _____ of _____ by _____. Sieve-tube members…phloem…active transport 4. The water pressure that pushes water and sugar from sugar source to sugar sink is referred to as _____. Bulk flow 5. Water moves into phloem by _____. Osmosis 6. At a sugar sink, sugar is removed from phloem by _____ Active transport 7. In a sugar sink, such as a taproot, sugar is converted into _____.
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Unformatted text preview: • Starch 8. _____ is responsible for the movement of sugars from leaves to taproots; _____ is responsible for the movements of sugar from taproots to leaves 9. Why aren't epidermal cells of roots coated with cuticle? 10. As sieve-tube elements mature, something happens to them that makes them different from other cells. What is it? 11. How can you determine the approximate age of a tree growing in temperate climates? 12. Photosynthesis occurs in the _____. 13. 14. 15....
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