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Final exam study guide - Vascular cambium Secondary phloem...

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Final Friday, December 02, 2011 10:11 AM 65 questions o Some ordering Respiratory tract Digestive tract o Don’t need to know List of vitamins and minerals Smoking ads Cumulative questions o <5% of test o Ex. 3 domains of life Prokaryote/eukaryote Absorption/ingestion/photosynthesis Your genus/species: homo sapien Properly written Most bacteria/fungus/archae do not cause human disease Office hours o Monday-Thursday 10-12 All of chapter 43 o Meristems o Tricome o Root hair o Movement of xylem and phloem Sugars, water Which is dead at functional maturity o Wood Portions of wood Heartwood Sapwood
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Unformatted text preview: Vascular cambium Secondary phloem Cork cambium • Rings • Chapter 31-35 animal anatomy and physiology o EPO produced by kidneys, causes red blood cell production • Chapter 31 o Cells>tissues>organs>organ systems • Chapter 32 o Circulatory system o Hemoglobin • What binds to the heme groups o Blood route o CO2 • Path • Origin • Chapter 33 o Site of interaction • Alveoli/capillaries • Chapter 34 o Site of interaction • Stomach, intestines • Chapter 35 o Site of interaction • nephrons • capillaries o Ammonia, urea...
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Final exam study guide - Vascular cambium Secondary phloem...

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