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History final study guide - Here are some questions to...

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Here are some questions to guide your reading for Stephen Kotkibn's Armageddon Averted. Being able to answer the following questions will prepare you for the quiz portion of the final exam. What was the Soviet economy like in the 1970s and 80s? (pp. 15-18) How does Kotkin charactertize the older generation of Soviet leaders who held power before Gorbachev (e.g., Brezhnev, Andropov)? How was Gorbachev different? (pp. 35-57) What issues could be discussed in the Soviet Union as a result of Gorbachev's policy of Glasnost? (pp. 67-73) Was Gorbachev a communist? (pp. 56-85) What kind of politician was Boris Yeltin? How did he seize power? (pp. 86-103) What was Russia like in the Yeltin years? (pp. 113-141) What does Kotkin mean by 'democracy without liberalism'? Who was running Russia during this era? (pp. 142-170) What are the problems of the Confederation of Independent States (in which Russia is the dominant state) today? (pp. 185-196) Map #13: Be able to tell me which of these states belonged to the Warsaw Pact, which belonged to NATO, and which were non-aligned or other communist states: Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia West Germany East Germany Poland France Portugal Italy Spain England Romania Bulgaria
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USSR Netherlands Belgium Map #14: Be able to label the following provinces on a map of Yugoslavia in 1987: Slovenia Croatia Bosnia-Herzegovina Serbia Map #15: Be able to tell me which states have changed their shape or their names since 1989 (compare this map with Map #13). Additional Map (Commonwealth of Independent States) For extra credit, be able to list 4 of the members of the CIS. Subject to Revision after Tuesday's lecture!
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History final study guide - Here are some questions to...

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