Day 2 - 3HIST 1003 Europe in 1500: A Hierarchical Society...

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3HIST 1003 Europe in 1500: A Hierarchical Society 8/25/11 I. Two people who Made a difference: Katharina von Bora and Charles V a. The world of Katharina Von Bora (Katarina Luther) (Religious side) a.i. Her life - born c. 1499 grew up as a nun in Germany and married Martin Luther in 1525. Made a type of revolution in the church. Believed in her own catholic faith before Luther came along, lived in a world in which parents pushed them into an institution called convents or monasteries and these were the only ways to get an education unless you hire a private tutor. She is part of a noble family (you can tell by her name) she was part of the Saxony family in southern Germany, put & lives in a convent at age of 5 until 1523. She tells us about the hierarchy of the world, about people coming in with some money and some standing (she came with the backing of the noble family and maternal aunt). She Broke her ties with the roman catholic church by breaking her vows to the convent to marry Martin Luther. a.ii. Her church A hierarchical church A world church Late medieval piety * A lived Religion (for Katarina Von Bora) Importance of practice Importance of 7 sacraments (baptism, confirmations, confession, communion, marriage, anointing of the sick, holy orders) Importance of Hierarchy Importance of works and efficacy of prayer Masses for the dead, purgatory, indulgences Monastic life Pilgrimages and relics b. Charles V (Political side) – Born in 1500, heir to 3 kingdoms. Becomes holy roman emperor in 1519, Condemns Luther as a heretic in 1521. Retires and splits his empire in 1554, in the wake of the Reformation. He is the Father of Philip II of Spain who marries Mary the 1 st . He was then elected leader of the Holy Roman Empire, think of his empire as a bunch of little kings who don’t necessarily have to listen to the emperor throughout the land of the empire but Charles V is the overseer of them all the Holy Roman Empire has a relatively weak center but very large b.i. His inheritance
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Day 2 - 3HIST 1003 Europe in 1500: A Hierarchical Society...

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