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Day 2Europe in 1500 A Hierarchial Society

Day 2Europe in 1500 A Hierarchial Society - Europe in 1500...

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Europe in 1500: A Hierarchical Society 1. Two people who made a difference: Katharina von Bora and Charles V A. The world of Katharina von Bora 1. Her life Grew up in Germany and married Martin Luther, thus creating a revolution in the church as Luther moved outside the stipulations of catholic clergy men. She was someone who believed in her own catholic faith before Luther came along. There was no public education in 1500’s. At age 5 her parents decided she should join a monastery, despite her parents not being poor. She came from noble birth, daughter of a Saxon. She was put into a convent for her own good at the age of 5 and was later moved to another convent. She tells the lives of education for women during the time period. Born in 1499. Lived in convent from age 5 until she leaves to join religious reform movement in 1523. Married Martin Luther in 1525. She had learned to read both Latin and German which was uncommon for women. She thought some of Luther’s criticisms of the church weren’t unwarranted. She broke her vow to her convent, her vow of chastity, as well as all her ties to the church and nuns didn’t approve of any of these choices. 2. Her church In 1500 there wasn’t a choice, you were either a catholic or a heretic. Being a heretic (preaching false doctrine of Christianity) was extremely dangerous, if church found out you were killed. Holidays were shared and there were standard masses as a result of everyone being Christian. The church also practiced the 7 sacraments, which Luther later challenges. Hierarchy was common and was a way of life that everyone practiced; people often went to the higher ups for help. Church kept all records of human life (Birth, marriage, death, etc). Only Priest could drink wine. Prayer, masses,
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