Day 3 Martin Luther

Day 3 Martin Luther - People who were critics of the church...

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People who were critics of the church before Reformation (heretics) were killed or burned at the stake. Jan Hus was a critic of the church whose beliefs were used by Luther in his teachings. Other challenges to the church besides Martin Luther weren’t as serious but were more scholarly or humanist (re-reading of scripts). Luther was a scholar and an excellent debater. Luther was not the first heretic or challenger of the church in any way; however he was the one of the first challengers to survive the church. Luther was an Augustinian monk who was ordained in 1507. In 1512 he became a professor of biblical theology at the University of Wittenberg, 1514 city preacher of Wittenberg. Luther’s anxieties: his own sinfulness, his unworthiness for salvation, indulgences and church corruption. Close reader of the bible. By 1517 Luther was ready to put his beliefs to view. Luther posts 95 Theses (statements) for disputation on the doors of the Wittenberg Chapel (nothing radical here). Luther had no intention in 1517of founding a separate church, but he rather wanted to push the Catholic Church to reform. Luther, like every other reformer and Catholic, believed there should only be one Christian church, no options. True faith should prevail. Thus, the controversy became what they should reform and practice less than one church as opposed to deciding which church to go to.
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Day 3 Martin Luther - People who were critics of the church...

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