Day 6 - Conflict for ruler of england

Day 6 - Conflict for ruler of england - The Elizabeth...

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The Elizabeth Legacy: -Transformation of England from an isolated country to a powerful European state. -Overseen beginning states of England’s exploration into new world and becoming an overseas empire. -Maintained England’s identity as protestant state. -1559 the Act of Uniformity returned England to Protestantism and establishes the Elizabethan Settlement of religion. (Didn’t please everyone but left both Catholics and Puritans wanting further religious reform. -Elizabeth’s problem: she never married and had no children, so she didn’t have legitimate heirs to her throne. -When she died in 1603, the English crown passed to her closest male living relative (King James I of Scotland – Stuarts) James had been king of Scotland since he was 13 months old, so he was a very astute politician by the time he became King of England in 1603. -Believed that the King’s authority was absolute, and that he had a divine right to power as king. -Clashed with parliament over because he wanted parliament to approve his requests without listening to any of their requests or concerns. -Being King of England was different then King of Scotland because as King of Scotland his authority was absolute, whereas in England he wasn’t. This caused a clash between Parliament and James. -James worsened England’s financial problems (Elizabeth left England with bad debt when she died from bad harvests, inflation and disease) by spending extravagantly. The English had a fear of Catholicism which dated back to the reign of Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) -In 1605 the fears were made worse by the Gunpowder Plot (LOOK UP) -Guy Fawkes Many people wanted James to join the Thirty Years War to fight FOR the Protestant
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Day 6 - Conflict for ruler of england - The Elizabeth...

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