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Day 7 Absolutism

Day 7 Absolutism - -Prussia Landtag • Absolutism...

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Absolutism: Political Aspects -King’s style themselves as “divine monarchs” -They no longer want to be ‘first among equals’ but want to hold absolute power in the state. -Monopolization of royal power over the army, church, bureaucracy, economy -New taxes, new efforts at efficiency -Nobles fear loss of privileges -declining power of representative assembles Europe’s Representative Assemblies -England: Parliament (House of Lords, House of Commons) -Spain: Cortes -Poland: Sejm -France: Estates General -HRE: Imperial Diet
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Unformatted text preview: -Prussia: Landtag • Absolutism: Economics-Re-feudilization in the countryside, especially in Central and Eastern Europe-New cities, new consumers-Bureaucrats and ministers-Mercantilism • Jean-Baptiste Colbert (LOOK UP) • What is Mercanilism?-The first real ‘national’ economic policy-Pursued first by the French under Colbert-Insistence on need to keep gold and silver inside the state-This means high tariffs on imports encouragement of national manufacturer-Connection to colonialism •...
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