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Part 1: Timeline Luthers appearance at the diet of worms- 1521 Council of Trent – 1534 -1563 Peace of Augsburg - 1555 French wars of religion 1562 -1598 Defenstration of Prague 1618 Peace of Westphalia 1648 Execution of Charles 1 of England 1649 Wars of Louis XIV ( 1678 -1714) 1.1678-8 invasion of Spanish Netherlands (Flanders) 2.1672-78 Franco-Dutch War 3. 1688-97 Nine yrs war or war of the League of Augsburg 4. 1701-14 War of Spanish Succession (ended by Treaties of Utrecht 1713 and
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Unformatted text preview: Rastatt, 1714) Glorious Revolution 1688 Fall of Bastille – July 14, 1789 The Terror --September 1793-July 1794 Napoleon becomes emperor of the French- 1800 Battle of Jena -1803 Battle of the Nations oct 14-16 1813 Congress of Vienna Invention of the spinning jenny Invention of the ‘iron horse’ Peace of Tilsit tough...
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