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midterm 2 notes OFFICIAL STUDY GUIDE

midterm 2 notes OFFICIAL STUDY GUIDE - PART I 1814-1815...

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PART I: 1814-1815 C ongress of Vienna 1819 P eterloo Massacre 1839-1842 O pium Wars 1848 1 848 R evolutions 1857 I ndian Mutiny 1866 A ustro-Prussia War 1870 F ranco-Prussian War 1871 U nification of Germany 1884-1885 B erlin Conference on Africa 1894 D reyfus Affair 1914 A ssassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand 1916 S ykes-Picot Agreement 1917 F ebruary Revolution in Russia 1919 V ersailles Peace Conference 1922-1943 M ussolini Comes to Power 1923 B eer Hall Putsch 1923 G reek-Turkish Population Exchange 1927 C ollectivization in Russia 1934 N ight of the L ong Knives 1938 A nschluss 1938 N ight of the B roken Glass Memories PART II Dreyfus Affair o France 1894, Jewish man o Accused of selling military secrets to the Germans o Sparked anti-Semitism in France o Political scandal, a French Jew was convicted of treason for giving French secrets to Germany Vladimir Lenin o Leader of the Bolsheviks (later Reds) Revolution in Russia o 1 st leader of the soviet union o Communist political who led the October revolution of 1917 o Worked to create a socialist economic system o Ruled Russia, Russian communist party Joseph Stalin o Bolshevik leader who succeeded Lenin as leader of Soviet Union in 1924 o Launched a command economy, replacing the new economic policy of the 920s
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o Rapid industrialization and economic collectivization resulted in widespread famine o Premier of the Soviet Union Leopold II o Belgian king who sponsored colonizing expeditions into Africa o Founder and sole owner of the Congo free state o The Congo became one of the most infamous international scandals of the early 20 th century and this forced Leopold to give control of it to the Gov. of Belgium o Second King of Belgians Owned the Congo Free state Otto Von Bismarck o German chancellor who provoked the wars of the German unification o Known as “the Iron Chancellor” bc of his diplomacy of Realpolitik and powerful rule o First Chancellor of the German Empire Camillo Cavour o Anti-papist Italian leader o Led the initial stages of Revolution against the Habsburgs o Led to the unification of Italy o Led to Italian unification Armenian Massacres o Dec. 1914, the Ottoman Empire feared the Armenians living in the empire would side with the Russians in WWI. o Killed Armenians in masses o Attaturk was part of the campaign but the extent of his involvement is unknown o Destruction of the Armenian population of the Ottoman empire during and just after WWI The Somme o Fought in 1916 o One of the largest battles of WWI o One purpose of the battle was to draw German forces away from the battle of Verdun o On the offensive were the British and the French while Germans were on the defense o Germans won? Technically a victory for the allies o One of the largest battles of WWI. 1 mill casualties Treaty of Sevres o Ended the war with the Ottoman Empire o 1 of 5 peace treaties signed to end WWI in 1919 o Signed in France and determined the future of the Ottoman Empire
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midterm 2 notes OFFICIAL STUDY GUIDE - PART I 1814-1815...

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