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Unformatted text preview: BMGT 221H Homework 7 From the information below prepare a Performance Report (Chapter 21) and a Variance Analysis (Chapter 22). This homework is designed to help you appreciate the difference between the two pieces of analysis. In order to free you for study purposes and because I have been tardy in getting them to you I will not grade these, but will instead give you all full credit. Bring them to class on Tuesday and we will use them as a basis for part of our review. Do be sure to work carefully on this homework as you will certainly see something similar on the exam. Master Budget Actual Notes Units of Production 100 110 Normal output is 90 units DM per unit 10lb @ $5/lb 11lb @ $6/lb DL per unit 3 hrs @ $30/hr 4 hrs @ $32/hr VOH (total) $600 $700 Applied using DL hrs FOH (total) $900 $850 Applied using DL hrs ...
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