221H-Syllabus-Sp2011 - BMGT 221H - PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING...

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BMGT 221H - PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING II Spring 2011 Professor: Dr. Colin Linsley Office: VMH 4332G Email: clinsley@rhsmith.umd.edu Office Hours: T,Th: 2.30pm to 4.00pm, and by appointment The Course: This course is an introduction to managerial accounting and will teach you the principles and applications of accounting logic required by management. We will see how the accounting information system is designed to support the achievement of the firm’s goals, including planning and control, evaluating performance, and making decisions about products or services. Unlike financial accounting there are no rules set by outside bodies, and management can design any system it chooses. However there is great similarity between systems across many firms and this class will cover all the important features of such a system. I will also add a few topics to those covered in the text that will move you closer to the cutting edge in terms of what innovative firms and consultants are thinking about in terms of information systems for planning and control. Required Course Materials: *Financial and Managerial Accounting , 8/e Needles, Belverd E., Powers, Marian, Crosson, Susan V. *Approved Calculator (i.e. simple 4 function non-programmable)
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221H-Syllabus-Sp2011 - BMGT 221H - PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING...

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